Happy Discoveries #1 – #3

19 Apr

As the inaugural blog post of Happy Discoveries, this post introduces three interesting gems I found today πŸ™‚

Happy Discovery #1: I-Ching Interpretation by Lim Liat

I have always wondered what I-Ching or ζ˜“η» is about, and what all the little dashes mean. Like most people, I thought it was an ancient divination tool used to tell people’s fortunes and predict their futures.

Chanced upon Lim Liat’s interpretation of it and boy, was I happy to find a good and easy-to-understand English interpretation instead of having to decipher the ancient Chinese wordings myself!

I particularly liked the post on how I-Ching can be applied in Six Stages of Growth:

  1. Hidden Dragon: don’t show off – get ready – prepared well. Do it when time and opportunity is right.
  2. Appearing Dragon: excel in your work and get mentors
  3. Running Dragon: be diligent and watchful at same time
  4. Leaping Dragon: take a leap to higher ground
  5. Flying Dragon: soar higher with a network of influential people
  6. Retiring Dragon: prepare for retirement or change of career
  7. Parenting Dragon: self management of virtuous leaders – developing others.

Detailed elaboration can be found on his BvOtech blog here. Note that only the first ten articles can be accessed for free while access to the rest is by subscription.

Happy Discovery #2:

This website allows people to set up meetup groups based on their professional interests, hobbies, and goals (eg. Weightwatchers), and is useful for people looking for acitvity buddies or support groups. I just joined quite a few groups including Go Hiking and The Bucket List Club. Unfortunately, none of the upcoming meetups fits my schedule. We’ll see how it goes.

Happy Discovery #3: Creative Follow-Up Idea – Send a Helpful Video

Some people, including me, find it hard to follow-up on new contacts because of three reasons. First, the inertia to do it and thus the procrastination and delay in following up (if you eventually do) renders it ineffective. Second, you have no idea whether the person even remembers you. Third, you think there is a low success rate of getting them to pay attention to your follow-up attempt and act upon it in the way you want them to. Keith Ferrazi, author of my favourite book Never Eat Alone, recently introduced a clever follow-up idea from Mike Koenigs, inventor of video promotion tool Traffic Geyser. The basic idea is to make use of personalization to raise your success rates. Check out the post here.

Okay, that’s all for now. Till the next happy discovery! πŸ™‚


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